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Venspirator™:  a new class of breathing device to prevent disease transmission, avoid ventilators, and save lives.

Major problems with current respiratory

technology for COVID-19:

Spreads Disease


Ventilators and CPAP machines contribute to airborne transmission of disease, which significantly increases risk to both caregivers and patients.

Lung Damage


Ventilators cause a wide range of undesirable side effects including lung damage.  More than half of COVID patients put on ventilators don’t survive.

Limited Access


Even when desperately needed, “rich” countries don’t have enough breathing devices for those who need them and “poor” countries often don’t have access at all.

The Venspirator™ is a new class of breathing device that can keep people off ventilators and save lives.


COVID-19 & Our Humanitarian Pivot

When COVID-19 hit the US and the lockdowns began, like everyone else we wanted to help.  Just staying indoors wasn't enough.  As an innovation company, we knew we had the technology to do more.  We never imagined we'd invent a new medical device, but once we knew it was possible, it was the right thing to do. 


Underlying Technology for the Venspirator™ is our GovReg® Pressure Regulator

Network of Supporters and Advisors

Legacy could not do this on our own.  We have a phenomenal network of supporters and advisors who stepped

up with their time, effort, and expertise to help us develop the Venspirator™ and bring it to market:

Letters of Support

Venspirator™ in the News

The Venspirator™ has earned credibility in the academic research and medical device

communities.  We're grateful to everyone helping to spread the word:

How You Can Help



We are amazed at how many talented people have stepped forward to help move the Venspirator™ forward:  PhD's, engineers, business school professors, medical device manufacturers, bankers, lawyers...  Are you that person who may be able to help us move Venspirator™ forward?



Almost every day we meet someone who knows someone who may be able to help us.  My brother is CEO of...  My husband's a respiratory therapist...  Do you know that person who may be able to help us move Venspirator™ forward?



Legacy has bootstrapped the company and has 5 Angels who have invested $50K each.  Are you another individual Angel with the resources to participate at that level?  Do you know that person who may be able to invest and help us move Venspirator™ forward?

Why did we create the Venspirator™?

Legacy felt like we had to do something to help fight COVID-19, so in March we joined a maker community led by Formlabs to 3D print parts for ventilators.  We dove into learning more about ventilators and respirators and discovered all the problems they have including disease transmission and lung damage.  That's when we realized our GovReg® pressure regulator could be the foundation for an entirely new class of breathing device that solves these problems and...  read more.  

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